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Hardwood flooring provides long-lasting beauty

There is a certain elegance to hardwood flooring that homeowners seek out time and time again. Not only does it offer one of the most extensive lifespans in flooring, but it gives you plenty of ways to personalize it to your particular décor styles. Even better is the fact that it easily weathers trend changes, keeping it current longer.

When you’re ready to get started with a wood flooring project, there are several considerations to factor in that can change the landscape of your home. You’ll have a variety of excellent options and benefits from which to choose, creating a space that caters to your requirements. Let’s find out how easy that is.

When hardwood flooring is best

It’s important to note from the start that solid hardwood flooring is never a good option for a basement space in your home. However, engineered flooring offers a very suitable alternative for those spaces. It’s much more suited for areas where dampness, humidity, moisture, and temperature changes are likely to occur.

Once you choose solid wood for your home’s flooring, you’ll be faced with a variety of other options from which you can choose. A species is likely the most important, as this choice will directly affect your lifespan. Since species range from soft to hard, the busier and more active your home is, the harder your flooring species should be.
Adding a custom finish is another way to create not only a personalized appearance but also an extra layer of protection against daily wear. A wood floor with a hand-scraped, vintage, or distressed finish will stave off scratches and scuffs much easier than the classic gloss finish. That means you could go longer before having to refinish them.

Refinishing usually happens every few decades, stripping years of use and abuse away to reveal a brand new layer of wood. This layer can even be refinished with fresh stain color and finish type. Afterward, you’ll be ready for a few more decades of beauty and functionality.

Getting the most out of your hardwood shopping experience

Mc Namara Flooring & Design Center offers an excellent variety of flooring materials and services here at our Fort Worth, TX showroom. Our associates are standing by, even now, to answer all your questions and help you browse our inventory. If you are in the communities of Fort Worth, TX, Denton, TX, Colleyville, TX, Burleson, TX, and Benbrook, TX, be sure to visit us at your convenience for the best wood flooring in Fort Worth, TX.